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Insurance Coverage and the Carless College Student

In a few weeks, parents around the country will be packing up their college students and sending them off to school. And many of those students, particularly the freshman, will not have cars. That does not necessarily mean they won’t be involved in car accidents though, because carless students are always looking to borrow a car from their roommate, classmate or even someone they have met at a party whom they barely know. And sometimes, college students being what they are, a payment has been missed on those insurance premiums and the vehicle isn’t insured.

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Protecting Your Business from Construction Injury Claims

The owners of small businesses that provide general contracting or construction trade services know that workers’ compensation and commercial general liability insurance is expensive. Unless your company has also taken the steps discussed below, all the money spent for those policies may not fully protect your company in the event of a worksite personal injury claim.

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